Guiding Principles and Goals:

  • We seek to appreciate that our texts make reference to rejoicing all actions/thoughts done with good intention/mind (Vohuman) as a form/part of prayer/bandagi/nemangha/humble adoration.
    Ahyâ ýâsâ nemanghâ ustâna zastô rafedhrahyâ manyêush mazdâ pourvîm speñtahyâ ashâ vîspêñg shyaothanâ vanghêush khratûm mananghô...
    I pray in humble adoration to the invisible bountiful Ahura Mazda rejoicing all
  • This project is founded on the guiding principles of the Spentomad Gatha Yasna Ha 49.3 (...Good thoughts being chosen as the foundation in order to render benefit to the Peoples of our Planet), the essence of Yenghe Haataam (Reverance for all good people who perform righteous acts), Aa Airyaman Isho (desiring the fellowship of people of good thought to work towards righteousness), Ahunavar, Ashem Vohu and the Vispa Humata.
  • We endeavour to facilitate understanding of the wisdom in the prayers to guide the best choices (Y. Ha 30.2) being made for the good of all and positive outcomes including: Neuro-Cognitive benefits (through thoughts, speech and actions based on Ashoi), increased self-esteem, sense of well-being and advances in how we treat each other (Y. Ha 33.3, Ahunavada Gatha), thus promoting happiness and strengthening the network of people.
  • We aim to promote sharing of ideas based on knowledge and develop a 'collective consciousness' in the spirit of harmony with dignity and respect for all viewpoints (based on the Prayers). The Core guideline is focused on honouring the spirit of Free Thinking based on Ashoi, Vohuman, Independent Reasoning and the Freedom of Personal Choice (Y.Ha 30.2) while striving towards Ushta and growth/prosperity in abundance (in line with the Sarosh Baj) of all individuals and the Collective People.