Dear Humdins,
We aim to send out good vibrations of Peace and Love for the good of all.
With much respect and humility, I have tried my best to provide a platform for the Zoroastrians all over the world to conserve and share the knowledge of Zarathushtra and to give their true opinions and insight with Vohuman.

The idea for this endeavour stemmed from the joy and privilege of experiencing the Prayers and kindness and fellowship of respected elders at the ZTFE - my extended family, including Mr. Malcolm Deboo, Ervad Yazad Bhadha and the family of Dr. and Mrs. Firoze Munshi to whom I am most grateful.

I am most grateful to Respected Mobed Saheb Mehraban Firouzgary (Iran), Ervad Soli Dastur (USA) for sharing their knowledge with me and guiding me very patiently.