To facilitate the sharing of Happiness and Fellowship through a deeper appreciation of the Prayers, Principles and Practice of our Zarathoshti Deen.
Conserve and honour and respect the legacy of our Priests and knowledgeable Elders
Build a bridge between Elder and younger Mobeds and encourage development of the younger generation

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How the tenets of Zarathushtra in the Principles/Prayers/Texts impact all parts of Life and Society including Neuro-Cognition, Executive Control (self-regulation and Decision making), Medicine, Economy, Environment, Health, Agriculture, Resource-management, Business, Ethics, Law - Justice, Communication, Food and Energy Science, Sustainable Economic and Social Development for the good of All and the good of the Earth, Change-management, Governance and Leadership and Family values among others.


Developing a Collective Consciousness in the spirit of harmony with dignity and respect for all viewpoints based on the Prayers. The Core guideline is honouring the spirit of Free Thinking based on Ashoi, Vohuman, independent reasoning and the freedom of personal choice (Yasna Ha 30.2), while striving towards Happiness, growth in abundance for the good of the all.