Session 7: Sunday, 01 Aug 2021, 8am PST, 11 am EST, 4 pm BST, 3pm GMT, 8.30pm IST, 11pm SGT
Prayers related to and Actions inspired by Good Thoughts (Humata)
propagating Fellowship, World Peace, Happiness (Ushta) and Prosperity for All 

Co-operation and Fellowship, Yenghe Haataam and related prayers
Speakers and Biographies have been very kindly arranged  
by Mr. Meher Amalsad (USA)
From our Priests we hope to learn how the Zarthushti prayers can help and inspire actions.
From our Behdin Speakers and kind participating audience we hope to hear experiences of how positive actions have been inspired by our Prayers
Speaker 1. Ervad Kaivan Antia (USA) 

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Speaker 2: Ervad Ardavan Solan (Pakistan)

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Questions for clarification and Vohu Manah Sharing The audience will be invited to share with Vohuman (good mind) related to the theme 'With Good Thoughts' how Zarthushti prayers have helped, inspired or given any particular experiences. We aim to send out good vibrations of Peace and Love for the good of all.
Moderator and Founder Dr. Karishma Koka (Founder)

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This project is dedicated primarily to Asho Zarathushtra
It is also dedicated to all beneficent ancestors including my Great-grandfather Dasturji Ervad Pestonji Noshirwan Panthaki (Dasturji at  Sir J. J. Agiary, Pune, India) &  and my Grandfather Ervad Noshirwan Pestonji Panthaki and my GreatGrand Kakajis Ervad Behramshah Pestonji Panthaki, Ervad Ratanhah Pestonji Panthaki, Ervad Nadirshah Pestonji Panthaki and Ervad Dadiba Pestonji Panthaki who dedicated their lives to different Agiaries in Bombay, Calcutta and Pune. 


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