Ba Humata (With Good Thoughts)

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  • Ba Humata aims to facilitate sharing of Happiness (Ushta) and Fellowship (Hakhman) through a deeper appreciation of the Prayers, Principles and Practice of our Zarthushti Deen.
This endeavour stemmed from the joy and privilege of experiencing the Prayers and kindness and fellowship of respected elders at the ZTFE (London)
  • Ba Humata is Dedicated to all beneficient ancestors including my Great-grandfather Dasturji Ervad Pestonji Noshirwan Panthaki (Dastruji at Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebuoy Agiary, Pune) and my Grandfather Ervad Noshirwan Pestonji Panthaki
  • Gratitude is expressed to everyone who has made this endeavour possible
Ba Humata
Dear Humdins,
With much respect and humility, I have tried my very best to provide a platform for the Zoroastrians all over the World to conserve and share the knowledge of Zarathushtra and to give their true opinions and insight with Vohuman. Studying Avesta (language) and having tried to translate using other translations (mainly by Ervad Saheb K.E Kanga) as best as I can (within my limited knowledge) a few prayers to start with gave me the idea to raise this platform. I do hope all Humdins will find this an open platform to come out and speak as much as their knowledge permits them to and give an honest opinion with humility as per their understanding, and spread the knowledge of Zarathushtra, while helping inculcate the respect that is due to our revered Dasturjis and Mobed Sahebs.
There is so much knowledge in our daily Prayers, the Gathas, the Paak Khordeh Avesta and the other great Texts, that I am hoping the Shared Collective Consciousness with us all together (in our individual capacities with humility and with all positivity, while imbibing the qualities of the Amesha Spentas) and while living by the three tenets of Humata, Hukhta and Huvrasha with Manashni Gavashni and Kunashni, will help us gain a deeper appreciation and bring us all enlightenment, joy and bliss.
Being a Neuroscientist, Ecologist and Educationist myself, I appreciate enormously the tenets of Vakhshur-e- Vakhshuran Asho Pak Zarathusthra and the guidance in the Zarthosti Principles/Prayers/Texts for advancement of the Human Mind, Behaviour, Health and Energy regulation with impacts on all parts of Life and Society including Neuro-Cognition, Attitude/Stress-management and Executive Control (Self-direction, management, responsibility and error-correction), Medicine (including Neuro-psycho-immuno-endocrinology, epigenetics), Economy (also Neuro- economy), Environment/Pollution control, Health, Agriculture, Resource-management, Business, Ethics, Law and Justice, Communication, Food and Energy Science, Prosperity and Abundance, Organisational-Behaviour, Management, Governance and Leadership together with Family values. Let us discover more together.
This is a very small effort of mine to bring together and unite all the Zarthostis all over the world into a strong bond of fellowship and awareness with their opinions based upon the Prayers. ‘Ba Humata’ being our true good thoughts and opinions with which we will send out good vibrations all over the World so that there will be Unity, peace, prosperity, bliss and joy for everybody. Let us each make a small contribution from our Zarthosti Deen to the World towards World Peace.
Let us Walk the Thought with our Vohuman
Ba Humata: The Flame Of Shared Consciousness and Fellowship towards Ushta - Draft
A ‘Prayer & Prayer in Action’ Series of Talks/Interviews. In the love of Ahura Mazda...for your eternal friendship... our loving/strengthening gracious friend
Ahurahyâ zaoshê Mazdåo(Y.Ha 33.2),...Hamem thwa Hakhma (Hoshbaam)...Yuzem zevisht yanghoisho (Y. Ha 28.9)
Dedication: Asho Zarathushtra and all Ashavans.
Please contribute your Vohuman to ‘Ba Humata’
To share the joy and appreciation of the Prayers, Principles and Practice of our Zarathoshti religion and how to incorporate them in the fabric of our daily lives
This is aimed to be a Priceless Treasure For Our Precious Community.
As an articulate speaker who communicates from the heart, your Vohuman will be an integral part of talks by Learned Dasturjis and Ervad Sahebs, Mobed Sahebs, Mobedyars, all Humdins and Erudite Scholars of Zoroastrianism
‘Ba Humata’ (with Good Thoughts) is an endeavour inspired by zevish (strengthening love), and aims to:
1. Facilitate the sharing of Happiness (Ushta) and Fellowship (Hakhman) through a deeper appreciation of the Prayers, Principles and Practice of our Zarathoshti Deen and on how to incorporate these attributes to instil proper balance within the fabric of our daily life. ‘Ba Humata’ also aims to conserve the knowledge and increase awareness of the factors including the tarikats, history, heritage, places of worship, sacred texts and other elements that contribute to the practice of this great Religion.
2. Conserve and honour the great legacy of our knowledgeable Dasturjis, Ervads and learned people.
3. Encourage the development of younger Mobeds and Mobedyars.
4. Build a bridge of communication between our treasured senior generation and our featured future generation and to inculcate the respect that is due to our revered Dasturjis and Mobed Sahebs.
This project is founded on the guiding principles of Gatha Ushtavaiti - Yasna Ha 43.1 – Ushta Ahmai Yah Ahmai, Ushta Kammai Chit (‘Happiness be to him who gives happiness to others’) and the Spentomad Gatha Yasna Ha 49.3 (...Good thoughts being chosen as the foundation in order to render benefit to the Peoples of our Planet), the essence of Yenghe Haataam (Reverance for all good people who perform righteous acts), Aa Airyaman Isho (desiring the fellowship of people of good thought to work towards righteousness), Ahunavar, Ashem Vohu and the Vispa Humata.
We endeavour to facilitate understanding of the wisdom in the prayers to guide the best choices (Y. Ha 30.2) being made for the good of all and positive outcomes including: Neuro-Cognitive benefits (through thoughts, speech and actions based on Ashoi), increased self-esteem, sense of well-being and advances in how we treat each other (Y. Ha 33.3, Ahunavada Gatha), thus promoting happiness and strengthening the network of people.
We aim to promote sharing of ideas based on knowledge and develop a 'collective consciousness' in the spirit of harmony with dignity and respect for all viewpoints (based on the Prayers). The Core guideline is focused on honouring the spirit of Free Thinking based on Ashoi, Vohuman, Independent Reasoning and the Freedom of Personal Choice (Y.Ha 30.2) while striving towards Ushta and growth/prosperity in abundance (in line with the Sarosh Baj) of all individuals and the Collective People.
We seek to appreciate that our texts make reference to rejoicing all actions/thoughts done with good intention/mind (Vohuman) as a form/part of prayer/bandagi/nemangha/humble adoration.
Ahyâ ýâsâ nemanghâ ustâna zastô rafedhrahyâ manyêush mazdâ pourvîm speñtahyâ ashâ vîspêñg shyaothanâ vanghêush khratûm mananghô...
I pray in humble adoration to the invisible bountiful Ahura Mazda rejoicing all
righteous deeds ... and the wisdom of the good mind/intellect...(Yasna Ha. 28.1 Ahunavad Gatha).
‘Ba Humata’ - A Prayer & Prayers in Action Lecture/Interview/Vohuman-sharing series draft.
*Brief lectures by (or interviews with) Dasturjis / Ervad Sahebs on meanings of a whole/ significant portion of a prayer. The aim is to catalyse the sharing of knowledge, conservation of resources and historical information, thus creating a platform for 'shared consciousness' and a lasting legacy.
* A short talk by an entrepreneur/leader/mentor to elucidate the development of their business/family/team to elucidate how the Zarthosti Principles have been applied giving strength/good work/family ethic to overcome obstacles, increase abundance and take others towards achievement – thus addressing Prayer in Action.
* Short talks aiming to include one younger mobed, one young and one more knowledgeable Humdin or Mobedyar.
* Short talks by Erudite Scholars of Zoroastrianism

We hope to empower young respected_mobeds / respected_mobedyars to enjoy acquiring an appreciation and understanding from the elders, (of the deeper meaning and essence of what we pray Manthras/Intention/Meaning), and hone their ability to communicate the knowledge to humanity with joy (as in Y. Ha 33.13 and the Aatash Niyayesh).

Individuals are requested to focus on meaning of some lines from Prayers, some Concept in the Prayers or factors that contribute to the Prayers and Practice of Zoroastrianism. Speakers are requested to make authentic references to sources of information including Scholarly research in the field of Zoroastrianism (Please see guidance for Speakers)

The idea for this endeavour stemmed from the joy and privilege of experiencing the Prayers and the kindness and fellowship of respected elders at the ZTFE– my extended family, including Mr. Malcolm Deboo, Ervad Yazad Bhadha and the family of Dr and Mrs Firoze Munshi to whom I am most grateful.

Gratitude to everyone for their beneficence, including:
Facilitator and Mentor: Mr. Meher Amalsad, (USA).
Knowledge, discussion and encouragement: Respected Mobed Saheb Meherban Firouzgary (Iran).
Guidance and knowledge: Ervad Soli Dastur (USA).
Support and guidance: Mr. Noshir Dadrawala (India).
Kind blessings: Vada Dasturji Khursheed Dastur (India).
Advice: Mr. Malcolm Deboo (UK)
Guidance and knowledge: Ervad Dr. Arda E-Viraf Minocherhomjee (Canada), Ervad Kobad Zarolia (Canada).
Kind discussion: Mr. Rusi Dalal (UK), Mr. Homi Gandhi (USA), Mr. Firdosh Mehta (Canada), Support and knowledge: Mr. K.E. Eduljee (Canada).
Sharing/discussion: Mrs. Dina McIntyre (USA), Mickey Mehta, Mr. J Garda (India), Mrs Silloo Mehta (USA).
Knowledge/discussion: Ervad Dr. Pervez Bajan (India), Ervad Darayesh Katrak (India), Ervad Kersi Bhesania (India), Ervad Sheherazad Pavri (India).
Building the network: Mr. Meher Amalsad, Mr. Noshir Dadrawala, Mr. Yazdi Tantra (India), Mr. Jehangir Sarosh (U.K), Mr. Mickey Mehta (India), Miss. Tinaz Karbhari (Hong Kong), Ervad Jehaan Kotwal, Mr. Viraf Mehta (India) Techinical Guidance/Support: Mr. Yazdi Tantra, Mr. Arzan Sam Wadia (USA), Mr. Paeterasp Vevania (Singapore), Ms. Nina Mistry (Canada).

Gratitude for helping me along my own journey:
Rahbhar: Ervad Jimmy Madon, UK.
The great teachers including Ervad Kavasji Edalji Kanga, Dasturji Dr. Maneckji Nusservanji Dhalla, Dasturji N.D. Minocheher-Homji, Dr. Sir. Jivanji Jamshedji Modi and others.
Mr. Rohinton F. Munshi, UK: for inspiration, knowledge, discussion and for correcting the initial project draft.
Dr. Almut Hintze for sharing of books online.
Ervad Darius Potel for his kindness and encouragement shown to me.
M/s. Shernaz Vatchha, Dr. Thirty Marazban Nalladaru, Osta Yazdie Noshirwan Panthaki
My Mother Mrs. Jer (Panthaki) RamMohan for wisdom, discussions and ideas, My Father Commander Koka RamMohan for the advice to honour the Zoroastrian Principles.
Ervad Dr. Ramiyar Karanjia. for clarifications of meanings of Avestan words and concepts.
Dedicated to all beneficent ancestors including my Great-grandfather: Dasturji Ervad Pestonji Noshirwan Panthaki (Dasturji at Sir Jamshedji Jeejeebuoy Agiary, Pune) and my Grand-father Ervad Noshirwan Pestonji Panthaki.

I leave you with the thoughts from: the Ahunavar, the Kerfeh Mozd and the Ahmaai Raescha - in which prayer is for the good of all, encompassing all aspects of life and development of the Mind.
With reverence to all, Vohuman and much gratitude. Ushta Te!
Karishma. Mon, 31 August 2020. Meher Roj, Mah Farvardin, 1390 Y